On my last adventure in D.C., My friend and I did some sightseeing around and visited our last museum. We went to a museum that had their little section of African and African American displays, which we mainly wanted to see. But we were bummed out to the know the part it was not huge at all, but the shows and the art showcase were beautiful to see. 


I can't wait to see massiveAfrican American Museum that just opened. Its funny, because while my stay at D.C. I saw the construction of the museum but didn't know it was the African American Museum. But it looks like that's another to place to visit when I'm in D.C. again. 


We also did some more sight seeing. It was such a beautiful day. I also snuck in some street and landscape photography.  

Now that I finally toured D.C. I have to say that it is a lovely city to live in. I feel if anyone is looking to live in the city that is less like NYC than D.C. would be perfect. Driving around is easy and less hectic. There are many things to do (even though we toured around for the most part). The only thing I'm not really a big fan of is on street parking. There is no driveways. But I can imagine myself living here.