Gangsta Geisha

This project I have been waiting to do for years. But since I had a little more money in the bank and made some new connections over the years, I finally made it happened.

The theme of the photo shoot is called Gangsta Geisha or Modern Geisha. These sets of photos are heavily inspired by Rihanna's Instagram post she shared of her outfit of the "Where Have You Been" music video. Media and blogs were obsessed with photo, calling it "Gangsta Geisha." The theme of the shoot are also inspired by strong female characters in Japanese Animation. 

Due to the theme of this shoot I wanted the fashion to be traditional meets modern. Black leather  jacket over a kimono. Even as years go by the Geisha's hair style has become more current to the present. 

The location of the shoot was in Chinatown, NYC. I use the Canon Mark III for this shoot because I wanted to get good quality of the photos. It was my first time using a full frame. It didn't take long to figure it out. I rented it from Unique Photo. I edit these photos with VSCO 6 pack. The push and pull filters really brought out the vibrant, dramatic look of the photos. Thanks to Tracy Montemayor for being my subject.