Patience with Light

"Believe in yourself, do your best you can and put the rest in gods hands and everything will work it self out. Have patients. When everything works it self you going to be like I did all this stressing out for nothing" - Josh Light

This is what my subject told me after being 3 hours late for my photoshoot because of the major traffic caused by the celebration of PRIDE and the trains to Brooklyn not going to destination where I needed to be. Not only I arrived 3 hours late but I realized my memory card wasn't in my camera, and I literally threw a fit. But Josh and my buddy Ryan calmed me down and figured a solution. We got a memory card at Duane Read before they close. 

The photo shoot went well. I decided not to shoot at the location where I wanted and shot somewhere that had a bit of daylight. Couldn't thank Josh again for waiting for me. That young man has a patience of a buddha statue. He literally waited 3 hours for me to arrive. He taught me something that day about being patient, not to overthink, and stop worrying. I am man enough to say patience is not my strong suit and its something I really working on.

I met Josh last September at the 2nd Annual Essence Street Style Block Party, where I took of photo of him and my friend. We followed each other on Instagram and kept in contact until I messaged him about idea for a portrait shoot, and he was absolutely down the with idea. Even though the photos I took wasn't in my vision, I created a new vision and the portraits came out great.

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