ONA Dumpling Crawl and Photo Walk

ONA celebrates their new product releases of 2017, by hosting their annual photo walk through the boroughs of New York City, to taste authentic Dumplings at two amazing spots in Chinatown. 

We first met up at Mimi Chengs, where everyone took a bite out of authentic, organic Dumplings. Afterward, three fellow community members who were co-hosting the event divided people into groups and lead them on the photo walk throughout Chinatown where everyone took awesome portrait and street photos. There was also a surprise giveaway to a few individuals who produce awesome images and content from the event by using their hashtags.

By the end of exploring through Chinatown, we went to our final destination, Nom Wah Tea Parlor, another dumpling restaurant where the group had more Dumplings and a couple of lucky individuals who got giveaways from the event. 

If you are not familiar with ONA, they are a New York City-based retailers of high-end camera bags and accessories designed for Creative Professionals and Hobbyist. Unlike other camera bags, ONAbags helps individuals by accommodating their everyday lifestyle and protection of their valuables.

They recently launched their new product line, The Bond Street bag specifically designed for mirrorless and instant cameras. It is adapted from the Bowery bag and handcrafted from the same full-grain leather, water-resistant waxed canvas, and antique brass hardware. 

They also introduce the Kyoto Wrist Strap, a camera wrist strap made up with same full-grain fine leather material as the camera bags. It was also their giveaways at the event.

I was glad to be able to join their event and meet people behind ONA along with other photographers. If you are looking for premimum camera bags and accessories, check out them out.

This event was co-hosted by Jane Kim, Ilitch Peters, and Jose "Tutes" Tutivan. Check out their amazing portfolio.