Blogger Session | Betty's Winter to Spring Lookbook

Blogger Session | Betty's Winter to Spring Lookbook

Spring is definitely here (according to the calendar) but we all know due to Global Warming it doesn't start to feel like spring until May as the cold from the winter still lingers on. For this shoot for my client Betty, gathered a Winter to Spring transition Lookbook to look stylish, chic and prepared for any incoming weather.

This shoot was shot in Long Island, NYC where she seen sporting off brands such as Elle Wigs by Lillian Beyda, Tal New York, Tommy Hilfiger, Memoi Fashion, Michael Kors, and many more. Here are the selected images below.


Outfits: Tommy Hilfiger (Sweater) H&M (Black Dress) Fromay Besancon (Skirt)

Shoes: Michael Kors (Red Shoes)

Accessories: Elle Wigs by Lillian,Beyda, Zara (Earrings) Tal New York (Beanie) Memoi Fashion (Leggings)