Coffee Shop & Writers

I can't express my love for cafes and coffee shops. Besides doing photography, I'm also a writer. Coffee shops are sanctuaries for writers, just as the Fort of Solitude is to Superman. 

Anyone who is a writer can relate that writing at home can be a distraction and detrimental to the creative process especially when you suffer from two major factors; procrastination and writer's block. I notice when I'm not home, I am more productive and get progress in my work. I am not only productive; it is fun. When I'm around people and noticing my surroundings gives me a muse for my writing. 

There are two places I like to write; Starbucks and the Kuppi Coffee Company. I would usually get a coffee with a pastry or actual food depending on how hungry I am. I always end up bring my headphones and listen to music on Spotify through my phone. I mostly read before I write because it gets creative juices flowing. I'm currently reading Green Mile by Stephen King.

Now the downside to coffee shops is having wifi, which can be a good or bad thing. Having wifi can cause a distraction for excessive web surfing but could be good for doing researching especially for your work. For someone like me, I need a wifi and outlets.

I'm always on the lookout to discover more coffee shops and cafes. If you are a writer looking for a great coffee shop, Kuppi Coffee Company is a great spot.