There's no feeling I can describe when I see my work in print in hard copy, that I can hold in my hands and see my name, the title, and the words on the page. Even though my story is not novel, it still means something. My short story is a part of an Anthology book with a collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Stories from other fellow writers.

 It was two years ago when I was on looking for job opportunities to escape my hellish retail job. While looking at the site, I stumbled upon an AD that was accepting submissions for Science Fiction and Fantasy short stories. It caught my attention, but I was conflicted if I should submit one or not since I didn't have anything too solid but my mind told me "What do you have to lose?"

So I sent a short story within a few days of the AD, and sometime after the submission, I got an email back from the publishing company saying they would review my work for further submission.  Almost a year passed by and I did not hear from them, so I let it go and put it behind me. But in February 2016 I received an email saying they want to publish and give me contract to sign for future publishing. At that moment I knew "holy shit" this is real, this is not a dream, this is happening.

On June 2016 my short story was published on all the leading online platforms (Amazon, Barnes, and Noble, Google Play, Ebook). For years my writing inspiration went dormant, and now it has finally awakened and in full effect. I wanted to become an Author when I was seven-years-old. I remember folding and stapling papers together to emulate book. And now I'm doing it and have the greatest opportunity to show the world creativity inside my head.

I'm currently writing my second short story.