Behind The Scenes for Trevor Live

Behind The Scenes for Trevor Live

I was blessed to have the opportunity to assist a famous photographer, Alejandro Ibarra who I befriended, to help him and shoot behind the scenes content for Trevor Live Event.

Alejandro is a photographer based in LA, but we met each other at the ONAbag Photo Walk and Dumpling Crawl in NYC and then followed each other on Instagram afterward. When he came back to New York City for work, we decided to meet up with each other at a bar in Hell's Kitchen.

While catching up, he was telling me about an event that was going coming up called Trevor Live. TrevorLIVE is a New York is a signature semi-annual fundraising event presented by Wells Fargo of the Trevor Project, which is the nation's suicide crisis and awareness services for the LGBT youth. TrevorLive brings together celebrities and social influencers who support the LGBT together for a night of celebration.

Alejandro was hired to take photos of the celebrities for the event and needed an assistant. He asked me if I was interested and I gladly accepted.

I had a great time at the event and meeting all the people and celebrities. I also learned so much from Alejandro when it comes to photography that would help me in the future.



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