12:01AM (The Lost Poet)


If you don't know me personally, I also write poetry besides doing photography and writing short stories. In my high school days, I was known for my poetry. I would go to poetry slams held at a local center in our town and perform my poetic pieces (not spoken word). It was another form of outlet to express myself especially at a time where there were rough patches during my high school experiences. 

I wrote a lot of material during that time, and at the beginning of social media (Xanga and AOL chat room s etc.) there was a site where I can upload all my poems and I was getting great feedback but as time went by I did not many write many poems. I would write once in a blue moon. But I remember running into a high school classmate constantly reminding how he admired my poems. It always stuck with me. It took me awhile but I decided I want to present my favorite pieces with a twist.

I always admired poetic pieces that had an image incorporated into them and rather take some photo from the internet or becoming highly skilled in graphic design. I decided to take an image with my own camera and use it in my poem.

In high school, my poems were dark, melancholy and emotional mostly because I was going through that "EMO" stage (I don't know if they still use the term) But as I got older my poems started to mellow out. I started to dive into spirituality and consciousness and incorporated into my poems. For some reason whenever I wake up in the middle of the night my mind takes my hand, grabs a pen and just let it guide through the pages which resulted in this poem I wrote four years ago.

12 A.M. where I talk all night 
Nobody there but myself and I 
Wondering where I'm headed tonight 
The man in the reflection takes my hand and takes flight 
As we go out of space 
And out of time 
Floating as my soul divides 
The fear of falling is a no surprise 
Down the rabbit hole again I go 
Out of place, a place that's not home 
Trapped in a maze with thee unknown 
Just me and myself 
Never fell so alone 
What happens when you let your mind wonder? 
Staring at the reflection of a man who don't slumber 
With everything in the room comes to life 
Desires and fears comes of the wall 
Become alive 
What happens when it becomes too much 
Thoughts too loud and ear starts to clutch 
Controlling me like a puppet as it takes me high 
Wishing I had wings to break free and fly 
But it only leaves me numb like a ghost 
So watch me now as I overdose.