Portraits in Cozy Places

During the winter, the weather doesn't make it easier for you or comfortable for you to shoot outside in the cold and sometimes renting out a studio could be a little out of your budget. So sometimes you have to improvise.

So I was reunited with my friend and fellow Photographer, George Arnaldo, who recently made a move to Puerto Rico to New York City and decided to shoot together and catch up.

Lately, I have been saving many places and locations through Instagram to find all the hidden gems around New York-New Jersey area. (RIP Foursquare). I stumbled upon this place located Le Labo Fragrance/Cafe in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I love the warm chestnut colors of the interior and a bright window that let's just enough light into place. When I saw the hazelnut chair next to the window I ultimately thought of a good idea that area would be a great spot to shoot.

When I told George about this idea, he was entirely on board. I told him to bring some outfits that would compliment the mood I wanted to present the image. Also, he was a trooper by asking the people that work there for permission to shoot there.

The second location we went to is in the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. I did not find this on Instagram. I found this place last winter and been in the area a couple of times after that. I didn't know the name of the place until recently but thought it was another great place to shoot. It has the same vibe as Le Labo Cafe, warm interior with dim lighting to set the mood.

I definitely love the way how the photos turned out and once again George was great model for me. I hope this helps anyone out to find great indoor locations for crummy weather. One piece advice is to make sure to ask permission. 

Thanks to Le Labo Workers for letting us shoot inside.

Make sure to follow George on his  @Georgearnaldo  and  @Arnaldo.George

Make sure to follow George on his @Georgearnaldo and @Arnaldo.George