48 Hours W/ The Fujifilm x100F

48 Hours W/ The Fujifilm x100F

After upgrading my crop sensor camera to my full frame last winter. I wanted to take the opportunity to sell my 70d to for another camera. I previously told my self I wanted to document more of my travels and sneak my camera’s in places that wouldn’t be so intimidating. With technology advancing and new cameras coming out, I wanted to explore other options and considering shooting a mirrorless camera.

There have been so many mirrorless cameras out there to choose from. However I wanted to be wise in my decision as a good chunk of them are the same price mid-range DSLR, maybe even more.

The camera brand that have been making strides over the past couple of years is Fujifilm. Fujifilm has really innovated itself in becoming one of the leading camera brands in the mirrorless market besides, Sony. I have checked out many images by professional photographers and was stunned by the beautiful rendering and the image quality Fuji cameras has produced. I also love the fact Fuji have a very welcoming and intimate community on their social media.

After doing long research and watching countless YouTube videos I was bouncing back between Canon’s Crop Mirrorless Cameras and Fujifilm. I was leaning towards Canon’s, specifically the M50 1) Flip-Out Screen 2) Size 3) Price. However I notice the image quality compared to Fujifilm was pretty much the downside.

When I found out my friend was getting married I told myself I wanted to take some good quality photos besides my phone. I thought this would be good opportunity rent a camera from Unique Photo. I decided to go with the Fujifilm x100F.


I heard so many things about this camera; from its retro look, convenient manual dials, and its minimalist style for general purpose shooting which is perfect for what I needed.

Coming from a Canon user, the interface of the Fujifilm was a tricky transition. I literally picked up this camera an hour and half before the wedding ceremony andhad to quickly learn how to use it. Luckily the worker from Unique Photo was a Fuji shooter, gave me a crash course lesson.

When I arrived at the wedding I decided to put the settings on automatic mode (Don’t Judge Me). After awhile I started to come to adapt on a few things. It was quick enough to get the most important shots of the wedding.

So far I was in love with the images coming from the x100f and I like how enjoyable it was and took away the seriousness from photography. Here are the rest of the images from my friends wedding.

The next day I had free range to test out the camera. I’m not going lie I was pretty lazy, mind you I was at wedding with lots of dancing, open bar, and so much food. So I was pretty much recovering at that point. But I did went out around my town and took a couple of photos. I shot the photos on the film “Velvia” which is preset film stimulation that Fuji have on their cameras. It was good for outside on a bright sunny day capturing the vibrancy and contrast of my images.

I have to say the image quality especially in JPEG is amazing! I also love the fact the photos look they have been on shot on film. I made the right decision by leaving it on JPEG and not shooting it on RAW to edit later with my own presets. I wanted get out of my own comfort zone and enjoy the simplicity of photography. I shown enough restraint not to go on full blown photography mode while I was at the wedding. At the end of the day I wanted to take some great photos and create timeless memories. But I also wanted to have fun with my friends and enjoy myself.

After spending 48 hours with the Fujix100f, it has helped me decide to invest in a Fuji camera in the future. Which one to buy, I haven’t decided. I’m torn between the Fujix100F or the FujiT30.