Calvin Klein Modeling | Ali Kourani


This shoot with Ali couldn't have happened without Nestor Martinez, who I shot and blogged previously. After the success of Nestor's shoot at the beach, he mentioned someone he knows that has great potential in doing commercials and acting, and wants to breaking him into modeling. When he show me a photo on his Instagram and I couldn't have agreed more.

Ali and I contacted each other and set up a date at the Overpeck County Park (which is my go to spot). Ali was photogenic and has a favorable look. I previously notice he had a nice physique and was heavily into fitness. So I use this opportunity to show it off and add a little theme to the shoot by him wearing Calvin Klein. 


Ali came off as a natural in his shoot. He was relaxed and was able to take direction. His dark features brought out great expressions to draw the viewers. I was glad to be able to do this type of shoot while it was still warm. 

Here are more photos for the shoot. Click on photo to scroll through the  gallery.