Smoke In Your Face

Capturing people smoking cigarettes has been a popular exploit in photography for many decades. It's the most overrated but yet fascinating human experience to capture in a still moment. Even though we are well aware of the negative effects, in a way we are promoting it. 

I first experimented with cigarette photography with JG Lebron for his shoot, which I loved. And now I tested with my subject Charlie. But not only was this smoke photography shoot. Charlie had  distinctive look I was going for something gritty and grunge. 

I decided to shoot this in my garage. It set the tone of the scene and the one window in the garage provided awesome light. 

I think using BW presets and filters on smoke are absolutely stunning. It brings out clarity and the density of the smoke. And All in all gives the photo a dynamic and dramatic scene. 

I want to thank Charlie for being my subject for this theme. Charlie was a co worker of mine when I was working in retail about a year ago. It's been awhile since I saw him but I am glad we reconnected again. 

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