Traveler of the Vibe & Sound

Traveler of the Vibe & Sound

A traveler of vibe and sound is an absolute way to describe upcoming music producer and audio engineer, Joseph "JG" Lebron as he uses his connection with people and places to inspire his esoteric creativity through his art.

Music was introduced to JG at young age and became one of his first love. After dropping psychology as his major at Montclair State University, he decided to follow his passion and pursue career in music. He graduated this May with a degree in Audio Engineering and Production. Since then his work has been featured in many projects. Among working with many different types of people, JG's  biggest goal is to make a production on a soundtrack to a feature film. 

JG and I work with Joshua Sparks, founder of VeniVidiVicci. We met a year ago during a meeting hosted by Josh, discussing the early stages of his website. After the launch of the website in June,  JG and I started following each other on social media. When I saw his photos on Instagram, I was intrigued with his content but more importantly I was fascinated of the way he expresses himself through his photos and the story he creates with them. 

His music style is a mixture of Electronic and Chillwave with influences of Alternative, R&B, Hip-Hop, Trap, and Experimental. His music draws you into whirlwind of emotions with themes of nostalgia, love, spirituality, and creativity. His music is the perfect playlist for artist who are trying to create. 

Check out his work below.

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