Going to AfroPunk for the First Time

Over the weekend I went to AfroPunk for the first time. I heard of the name but never knew what it was. I honestly thought it was a name of a DJ that hosts an event. But I found out last year it was a music festival and ever since then I wanted to go. 

The festival was at the Commodore Park in Brooklyn where I went with two of my high school friends. When I got inside, I thought it would be more spacious. It was very crowded when I went. What I like about the festival was I was surrounded by other Black/African descent people, which made me fee comfortable to be myself, which is the original premise of AfroPunk; to provide and unite Black people into a community to celebrate African American culture.

The highlights of the AfroPunk was I saw Spike Lee. He took a photo of my friends (who are girls) for his television project. I was insanely jealous. Another highlight of my experience was I bought a bar soap which smelled amazing for a vendor called PureSheaStore. If anyone wants to buy organic soap I highly suggest taking a look at their collection.

The most anticipating event was to see Janelle Monae perform. Seeing Janelle perform was magical and makes me appreciate her music even more. She was at Afropunk in the beginning when it was a small venue. I'm glad she was back to see how much it grown. 

I'll definitely be going next year and will take more photos.

To know more about the store:

Pure Shea Store

Baltimore's Northeast Market 

Baltimore, Maryland