Time Machine

New Years has been one of the holidays that it was another regular day, just a new year. As I get older the whole New Years Resolution gets redundant. It's even more obnoxious to hear the whole "New Year, New Me" from people. Every year has its obstacle courses. But that's life. 

Instead of writing a deep emotional reflection of this year. I'm going to write my highlighted moments.

  1. My Short Story was published on June 13th 2016 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kindle. This was not only my biggest accomplishment of 2016 but a dream come true. Being locked in my room with my ideas paid off.

  2. I finally got my Passport. My family and I have never been outside the country (and no Puerto Rico or Bahamas don't count, they are still U.S. territories). I have been wanting to get my passport for years. I always look on Groupon on deals for getaways or all-in-inclusive trips but then I had to remind myself, "I have no passport. My ass ain't going nowhere". So instead spending money on things I don't need. I put my foot down and made it my business to get a passport. In 2017 I will be making a trip to Japan on my 28th birthday.

  3. I relaunched my website. Previously I was eddieaoki.com but decided I wanted more polished and professional website with whole new material, concept, and how I wanted to market myself for future employment.

  4. I build my portfolio. From the Spring of 2016 to now, I went to WORK! I did two internships for e-commerce site and a distributor company. For my personal work I shot many portraits. Each portrait I shot I felt my skill was developing. I am more conscious when its comes to shooting. I'm becoming more creative and experimental when shooting my portraits and defining my own distinctive style.

  5. I won Photographer of the month. At my job's holiday party I was awarded for photographer of the month which I was not expecting. But I was honored and happy that I won.

  6. I met Shameless Maya. Maya Washington aka Shameless Maya is a infamous YouTuber who I've been following for a long time. Watching her YouTube videos helped me in many ways, especially when it came to understand the basics of photography and operating my DSLR camera. I was so happy to finally meet her at the mall on my day off from work for her greet and meet. Along the way I met Amy Pham and Angela Yee from 105.1.

  7. My Brother got married. This was a huge highlight of 2016, and most importantly I was excited to see all my family reunited.

Photo by Billy Sanchez