Portraits at The New Museum | Lower East Side

Winter is officially in full effect. For the last couple of weeks, the weather has been cold, dreary and wet, making it difficult to do anything outdoors. My friends and I decided an alternative course of action and went to a museum.

We went to the New Museum located in the Lower East Side. It is a seven-story white building designed by Japanese architects; Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa/SANAA. My friends and I all got our cameras out and started taking photos of the Museum. We also got creative and began to take portraits of each other inside place.

The Pixel Forest (as I call it) is one of the main attractions of the museum. The cocoon shape crystals contain bright pixels lights emitting different ray of colors as they hanged down from the the ceiling. Stepping into this artwork fabricates the idea you're in a magical forest. You can see these photos all over Instagram when looking up the location of the museum.

The second main attraction is the Sky Room located on the seventh floor. This room is one of the most popular spaces at the New Museum. The tall windows allows the daylight to illuminate the white walls of the room. There is also a balcony where you get a nice view of the Lower East Side. Both areas are good for photographers and selfie junkies a-like. 

This is a good alternative for photographers who are looking to shoots portraits but don't want to be affected by the cold weather or pay massive amount of money for a studio. Plus it allows to be creative.

The New Museum is beautifully designed and the structure is absolutely mesmerizing. It has a satisfying atmosphere where everyone can relax and enjoy some of the art. Exhibits were easy to find. Some might not enjoy the dozen flights of stairs to get to each exhibit but it is good exercise for those who want to burn a couple of calories. 

Admissions is $18 with free coat check (prices may differ during the week). You can bring your bag but depending how big it is (like a book bag) it will be search.

Photos Contributed by Billy Sanchez 

New Museum

235 Bowery, New York, NY 10002