Gabriel Montagnani, NYC Photographer

Gabriel is a fellow photographer who I met during my internship at Neo Studios in Greenwich Village, New York. Gabriel is a photographer from Brazil who studied Photography in London and moved to New York. He has made name for himself in the city, making vast amount of connections and clients. 

I interned at Neo Studios late April to August. To be technical he's the one that brought me aboard for the internship. Out of the four interns, I was the only one that was from Jersey, sort a out of place with the rest of the group but Gabriel made me feel at ease and throughout my time there he made me feel comfortable. He was easy to talk to, friendly, and very understanding. He was also fascinated how wore my hair at the internship. 

During my leave at the internship, I haven't been contact with Gabriel for some time. But we do follow each other on social media. I always wanted to take portraits of Gabriel during my time at Neo Studios but it kept slipping my mind. Gabriel had a unique look about him, plus he's handsome guy. So since I had more free time on my hands, I decided contact Gabriel about the idea and he agreed. 

The photoshoot with Gabriel was fun. We had a lot of laughs, talked to each other for a bit and he offer me advice and tips on photography and the business which I found helpful. 

If anyone interested in checking out his website, here is a link:

Website | Instagram | Facebook