Museum of the Smithsonian


The last time I went to a museum was in college. It's been on my to do list, and recently I got the chance to go. Josh and I went to the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York to shoot some things for his blog. 

When people talk about the museums in New York City, MOMA always comes up. The Cooper Hewitt Museum is non-traditional museum that can be overlooked but its has own distinctive individuality that is different from other museums. 

Housed in Andrew Carnegie's former mansion, this museum offers an interactive experience for everyone of all ages to enjoy. It offers a great cafe with wifi, a garden to sit and unwind, and a beautiful gift shop inside. They have the latest pen system, allowing you to save any exhibition you find interesting on your smart pen and view online after your visit by using the code on your ticket stub. 

What I like about the museum is its easy to get around and can view everything in about an hour in a half. The exhibits are varied from art, fashion, animation and furniture with both historical and modern designs. I feel viewers appreciate the displays as it shows you the creativity behind it as the art reflects people's every day life. It's a great way to spend your Saturday afternoon.