When I first started my photography, I had no stir in the direction of I wanted to take. I was interested in doing street, urban and Portrait photography mainly when I first bought my DSLR camera in 2014. I started to learn more about flattering angles, lighting and posing online and on YouTube and this is where I stumbled upon others photographer's work who inspired me and help shape my photography style and creative idea into my own.



I discovered David's work while looking at photography photos on Tumblr. I admire the emotions he captured in his Portraiture and the clean and bold style of his Fashion images. David started working professionally landing gigs for publications at the age of 16, which is impressive. He was a self-taught which is truly inspirational that you don't need to go to school for Photography.

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What I found interesting about Benjamin, he's not your typical head and shoulder Portrait photographer. His photography style consists people and the environment, giving them a sense of place. It tells a story, and it let you know what's happening at that moment, and provide more insight into that person.

One thing I learned from Benjamin is to take time to connect with people and get to know them more before whipping out your camera instantly.

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I always loved Black and White photos, but Herb Ritts work makes me want me to produce more in the future. I think what I particularly admire about Ritts work not only made subjects (predominantly celebrities) look iconic and but an art sculpture.



I remember when I started doing my photography, my Aunt told me I reminded her of a young Gordon Parks. I asked who he was and my aunt replied saying he was a famous black photographer. So I looked him up later, and I was fascinated by his images. I loved his wide range of subjects he captures (etc. Photo Essays, Fashion, Sports) and developed a new style in Fashion during his era that Photographers today (including myself) use, where he captures his models in natural movement.

Other than being a photographer, he was a writer, musician, and filmmaker.



I am continuously getting inspiration from any and everything. At the beginning of my photography journey, every photographer's photo who I came across and inspired me. Even images that weren't portraits or fashion.

However it in time I wanted to branch out to innovate instead of emulating. So I started getting my inspiration elsewhere from Television shows, Japanese Animation, Manga, Cartoon shows, and everyday people. But I would have to say places and locations play a significant role in photography especially for me.

I wanted to thank the people who shaped and inspired me at the beginning of my photography. I believe this year I would be exploring with my photography by seeking other forms of inspiration (like I listed above) and creating work that is more of my own.