My Headshot Sessions for Acting/Business

My Headshot Sessions for Acting/Business

Over the last couple weeks I had two Headshot sessions; one for acting and one for business. Both of these sessions took place where I based which in Northern Jersey, and there another style of Photography I do besides Portraits.


Headshots are portraits where the subjects face is the focus of the photo. They are usually for Actors, Models, Author, Business, and Profiles for Personal Websites.

Just like my Portrait work, all of my Headshots are in an outdoor setting. Since I don't have a studio on my own, I have to accommodate by using the resources I have at my disposal, which is my reflector, my eye, the use of natural lighting and of course my camera.


Most of my clientele has been through Thumbtack website which gives me more detail what type of images the client wants.

When a client is looking for Acting Headshots, I usually tell them to wear neutral colors and to bring a variety of the types of casting they want to submit to (etc. Commercial, Television). I found placing a subject in a shaded or dark area with them facing towards the light creates a beautiful effect or even a wall that has a beautiful background that makes a person and their clothing pop.

For my Business or Profile Headshots I take a similar approach as my to acting one but in my experiences some of my past clients wanted to do it in their place of choosing (etc. homes, in front of lake, apartment) and they usually like to wear their own attire.

Headshots are taken from either from the waist above or head and shoulders. I particularly favor head and shoulders, but I shoot a variety of the client. My 85mm f/1.8 are my go-to lens for these types of sessions. I love the way it compresses the face, and the quality is impressive.

For these sessions, they usually run up to a half hour or less.


When it comes to the post-processing, it is best to keep photo editing to a minimum. You want the photos to be minimal and clean as possible. For Acting, the Casting Directors want the most accurate image of the person. So when the person comes to a casting they should look like exactly like that photo or else the Casting Directors would be disappointed.

I usually clean up the face if the client has any pimples, bumps, or wrinkles here and there that some clients don't want.

If anyone is interested in getting Headshots or have any questions about these sessions, please free contact me.