My second personal project I accomplished called “Passions” featuring the model, Thomas Garcia whom I shot two years ago. This project took place in my hometown where we first did the shoot in my backyard with a muslin backdrop I recently bought from B&H, along with some props. The second location was at Overpeck Park which added a nice touch to theme I was going for, which is “vulnerability.” The last photo wasn’t part of the theme however I had to take advantage of the blooming white flowers at a near by library which correlated with Thomas’s hair and white outfit.

Fun Fact; I got the crown from the Essence Festival last year. When I came up with the idea for this project two years ago. I knew I wanted to use a crown. When I first saw it I knew wanted to use it. It took me tooth and nail to get the crown for free and had to be one of the first ones to get before they ran out. I was excited to finally and I waited a whole year for this occasion to use it.

Timing and Patience is KEY.