The Meiji Era

After having these ideas for a couple of years, that I have been wanted to execute. This year I told myself I wanted to do 10 personal photo projects, Recently, I completed one out of ten of the projects I called “The Meiji Era”. The project was heavily inspired by one of my all time favorite Japanese Anime Shows, Rurouni Kenshin and one of themes of the show was being a wanderer.

I teamed up with Sonny from Crawford Models who I met through Model Mayhem to help bring my vision to life. Sonny was wearing clothes by Siamurai Pants from my personal wardrobe, ASOS and H&M. I wanted the outfits to have a modern feel but still have ties to the Fuedal era of Japan.

The original concept of the project was to shoot it during the cherry blossoms which I thought would’ve added a nice touch to the environment of the photos. However the weather was not on our side but either way the photos turned out great.